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VIP Creators Program

What is the VIP Creators program?

The VIP Creators Program is KomikSpot’s incentive and rewards program for creators whose titles are performing well in our platform.  VIP Creators get the opportunity to cash out the Spots they receive and earn. By default all creators can receive Spots through tips given by other members or by buying Spots from the Spot Shop, however only VIP Creators can convert them to cash.

What happens when I become a VIP Creator?

  1. An “Official VIP Creator” logo will also appear on your dashboard with an option to download it so you can place it on your banners.
  2. VIP Creators will also receive a higher monthly bonus Spots.
    * Inactive VIP Creators with no uploaded episodes within a month will have Spots deducted from their wallet, so keep creating!
  3. You will see the equivalent cash balance of the Spots you’ve earned.
  4. Every time the Spot balance reaches 10,000 (PHP 1,000) – the Spots are converted to cash and will be disbursed via GCash within the next seven days.

How do I become a VIP Creator?

To become a VIP Creator, you should meet the following requirements first:

  1. Title banner and cover as well as Episode banners must have the either the KomikSpot or Komiks Live logos (you can put both). Logos from other online comic platforms are welcome too.
  2. Must have at least three uploaded episodes, each episode should have at least 10 pages with content (blank or gutter pages do not count)
  3. Three episodes must have at least 500 views each, OR
  4. Must have earned at least 10000 Spots (1 Spot is worth PHP 0.10), OR
  5. Buy a VIP Upgrade package worth PHP 2500 or 25000 Spots (available to Komiks Creator profile types only).

 Logos can be downloaded at: http://bit.ly/KomikSpotLogos2021

If you have met requirements 1, 2 and either 3 or 4, then click the button below.
*Previous participants of the Creators+ Support Program are pre-approved to become a VIP Creator, please indicate that you are a previous participant in the application form

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