DPS - Digital Printing Service Plan


High quality comic books printed with the ff. specifications:

  • 14 x 20 cm
  • 100 gsm ultra white paper
  • 270 gsm laminated cover
  • Saddle stapled up to 48 pages
  • Perfect bound for 52 to 200 pages max.

*Due to weight limitations, we will only allow a maximum of 10 copies per order. You will have to order again if you wish to have more than 10 copies delivered.

Maximum No. of Pages * 

The price per copy will depend on the maximum number of pages your book has. All total page numbers are in multiples of 4.
If your total page count falls below the maximum page count, then select the nearest option it falls under. (Ex your max pages are 40, then select 48)

Down Payment * 

You can choose to make a down payment of 60% the total price (excluding fees and shipping) or you can choose to pay upfront.
Note: If you choose to make a down payment, you must settle the remaining balance before the items are shipped.

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