Astro Powered Punks #02


As a Celestial fell into the Earth from outer space, it suddenly catches fire like a meteorite drawn into the Earth’s gravity.
She has lost all her memories and her halo. When she emerges from the crater, she found an alien world, strange and beautiful. She is guided by a talkative black cat into the dark forest of the unknown. There they join a parade of spirits and elementals and are invited to their home, the twilight realm.

The angel is now in the form of a barefoot girl in red dress. She is acquainted with many weird characters. Such as a story-telling nuno, a helpful but spiteful tikbalang, an old woman’s ghost and a defeated giant.

The Engkanto world is delightful and fantastic like the rain during a hot sunny afternoon. Anyone stumbling to this realm will deliberately chose to lose themselves, never to be found again for all eternity. As colourful as it might seem, this world is a dimension of black and white, the abode of the children of the night. It hides many secrets too terrifying for mortal eyes. Will the celestial learn about their secret in time for her hidden powers to return before they discover her lost identity. Will she be the saviour or the destroyer, when herself hides something far more terrifying than the creatures of the dark could offer.

36 Pages, Story and Art by Buddy Rebel

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Age Rating

PG – Ages 13 & Above





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