KomikSpot – Where Komiks Live

Where Komiks Live

It’s not the most original tagline, but it will be the most fitting moving forward. Inspired by Wattpad’s rebranded tagline “Where Stories Live” – KomikSpot takes a similar position in the local comics community.

Where Komiks Live

Starting out last July of 2020 as an online store for Filipino digital comics, we expanded by adding a print-on-demand component as we acquired Likha Mo Publishing three months later – but it doesn’t end there, we know there is something else missing and we didn’t want to be left behind. KomikSpot’s foundation has always been about giving more opportunities, and we’re going to put more emphasis on that now.

Many people have been clamoring for us to have the ability to upload and publish comics online, so we listened but instead of being a “me too” platform, we took a step further.

By adding a social networking feature within the website, it makes the creations more alive and interactive. It further connects creators and fans outside of Facebook where things can be distracting. This is not to replace the social networking giant, but to give the local comics community a more fitting platform for self-publishing as well as opportunities for collaboration.


Along with this new direction, we have tweaked our logo. Most noticeable is that the colors are more pronounced and we’re using a stylized palette closely resembling the Philippine flag as we continue to focus on the Filipino comics scene.

KomikSpot will still continue to operate its online store and print-on-demand publishing services, we are also expanding our sales channels outside of the website to make the products more accessible. We will improve our Komiks On Demand print publishing partnership program for those who want to immortalize their works with physical copies. We are establishing ourselves further, and we’re hoping you’re as excited as we are. Let’s continue creating and make the Filipino comics scene much more alive than ever!

-The KomikSpot Team.