Rise of the Maharlikans


Crippled by a powerful Babaylan curse, generation after generation, the Maharlikan race must go through the so-called THE HARVESTING—a cycle of rebirth to aid the furtherance of their primary suprahuman lineage. This recurring phenomenon is brought about by the mystical INANG PUNUAN, formed out of Bathala’s god blood and the core essence of his wife. Every three decades, the tree bears fruits that are to be bestowed upon those who are worthy to become PRIME MAHARLIKANS.

It’s 21st century, and another cycle is coming into fruition. A special group of formidable Maharlikan warriors, known as the PRIMEGAN ULTRAS (a.k.a. Primega Chivals), is once again employed by Bathala to serve as protectors against the attacks of the now mysteriously more empowered Babaylans, endlessly seeking to foil the fulfillment of The Harvesting. Unbeknownst to all, an even darker force is looming, out to annihilate Bathala and his kingdom, PERLAS NG KALUWALHATIAN. Led by Padre Chris Augustus, his crew must face and thwart this malevolent threat or it could spell the very end of all Maharlikans.


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