Komiks-On-Demand Publishing Partnership

Dreaming of having your first printed comic? Looking for a more affordable and accessible way of getting your comics published? Lastly, do you want to make money from your comic creations? Well here is your opportunity – KomikSpot is here to immortalize your creation for free! 

Yes, you don’t have to spend anything – all you have to do is to become a member and agree to our terms. Before you can proceed, please make time to read carefully the details below to know all information about this special opportunity.

Introduction, Specs and Formatting.

  • This opportunity is open to all creators who reside in the Philippines, at least 18 years old* and have a KomikSpot account.
  • Webcomic creators looking for an alternative way to monetize from their creations are welcome.
  • Comic creators who are looking for a publisher who will handle the production, distribution and sales of their book.
  • Creator should also have a working bank account or e-wallet to receive payments.

*Individuals ages 17 and below should have at least a signed letter of consent from their parents.

KomikSpot reserves the right to adjust internal pages to avoid your content from getting cropped.  We highly recommend using our template so your comic’s pages will look exactly how you initially visualized it.

Creator can opt to have a digital version of their book available, it can be bundled with the book being sold (for added value) or sold as a standalone product.

Digital versions will be sold in PDF format.

Content Rating & Restrictions

KomikSpot loves variety as well as freedom of self expression, but we also have to regulate the content of your title and classify them according to our age rating so we can properly sell them to your target readers. Our Age Rating is as follows:

Rated G – General Audiences

  • Family-Friendly Content
  • Non-suggestive of any mature themes.
  • Fantasy violence with very mild instances of blood

Rated PG – For ages 13 and above

  • Mild mature themes and explicit language must be replaced with symbols (i.e. #@%$!^)
  • Limited use explicit language (uncensored)
  • Mild realistic violence
  • Sexually suggestive content but not graphically depicted.
  • Implied nudity
  • Limited instances of drugs, smoking, gambling, and alcohol.

Rated R – For ages 18 and above

  • Explicit language
  • Instances of full-frontal nudity and sexual content
  • Realistic violence with blood and gore
  • Any depiction of blood, alcohol, smoking, and gambling.
  • Any depiction of sensitive social issues (prostitution, drug-dealing, human trafficking, etc

What we DO NOT allow: 

  • Graphic sexual depictions of children (lolicon).
  • Use of existing intellectual properties without permission.
  • Targeted attacks toward a specific individual, minority, community or institution. 
  • Hate propaganda.

Additionally, we will restrict titles for digital distribution only if they are found to have the ff. content:

  • Excessive nudity and detailed depictions of genitalia.
  • Excessive, detailed graphic depictions of sexual activity such as penetration.
  • Excessive violence and gore.

By excessive, we mean by having more than 50% of the content in a single book.


The final price of the Print Only books will consist of the following: Royalty + Print Cost


  • Royalty is the amount you will get paid per individual item sold.
  • Print Cost will cover the labor and expenses made during the production of your book.
Pricing of these books will depend at the number of their respective pages, regardless of the complexity of their content.
Please refer to the table below:
Maximum No. of PagesRoyaltyPrint CostFinal Price
24 Pages5050100
32 Pages10050150
48 Pages100100200
64 Pages150100250
112 Pages150150300
144 Pages200150350
176 Pages200200400

Digital versions sold as standalone products will follow a special pricing scheme different from their printed counterparts.

Print + Digital Bundles are priced higher than Print Only titles but significantly lower than the total price of both versions when purchased separately.

 Please refer to the table below:
Maximum No. of PagesDigital Only PricePrint + Digital Bundle Price
24 Pages100150
32 Pages100200
48 Pages150250
64 Pages150300
112 Pages250350
144 Pages250400
176 Pages300500

Partnership Types

For Print and Print + Digital Bundles

  • Full royalty for Print Only titles, to be paid quarterly.
  • Full royalty plus 50% of markup price for Print + Digital Bundles, to be paid quarterly.
  • 75% royalty for Digital Only titles sold separately, to be paid quarterly.
  • Get additional tips/donations from buyers.
  • Books will be sold only via KomikSpot’s sales channels except during conventions (by request).
  • Optional free-to-read web version.
  • Co-branded publishing, KomikSpot will place a logo on the cover or include an advertisement page inside.
  • Priority in promotion, advertising and marketing.

Digital Only

  • 75% royalty, paid quarterly.
  • No print costs or shipping fees added.
  • Get additional tips/donations from buyers.
  • Books can be sold outside KomikSpot’s sales channels
  • Books will be downloaded as PDF files.
  • Strictly no free-to-read web version on KomikSpot or outside platforms unless offered for free or has distinctions/differences (bonus content, improved art, etc.)
  • Priority in promotion, advertising and marketing will depend on sales performance.

Creator retains full ownership rights to the title regardless of partnership type.

Creator must comply with our Publishing Partnership Agreement.

Ready To Become A Partner?

If everything is crystal clear, then by all means click the button below. Good luck and we’re excited to be partner with your creative endeavor!