F*ck You 2020! – Our Year-End Review.

2020 is will go down as one of the most unpopular year in the 21st century so far, and obviously we all know why. Here in the Philippines alone our heads were scratching at some questionable decisions and inconsistent remarks from the government. Now that we’ve acknowledged the elephant in the room, let’s avoid the political rants now and go on with what has been a turbulent year.

KomikSpot - F*ck You 2020! - Our Year-End Review.

A Celebration of Filipino Comics

KomikSpot was an offshoot of KomikFest – a startup comic convention that was held last January 25, 2020. Hosted by KomikSpot co-founders @gn-ochoa and Windail Testa along with KMX’s @nino-mejia the event was far from the big conventions like Komikon and Komiket, but it provided an extra opportunity for creators to get their works out. Some of the creators who signed up for the event were first time attendees and their perspectives about the comics scene have broadened in the process.

Two weeks later, Komiket was then held at SM Megamall on February 8-9. It was the last true convention to happen before we got locked down because of some poor decision making (ok that’s gonna be the last)


The Arrival

During the summer, WebKom – a popular Facebook group composed of mostly web comic creators launched the first ever website for Filipino web comics. It became a catalyst for the group’s exponential growth and several new creators have sprouted.

As the rainy season started coming in, KomikSpot opened its doors as an online store for digital comics. Several titles were PDF compilations of popular web comics while some are exclusively for sale. One particular title became KomikSpot’s best-selling digital comic of 2020 – Little Things PH – The Mini Book Vol. 1, we suggest to get a copy now at our online shop.

A few months later, Penlab went online and unlike WebKom, it’s a curated site for established favorites. As WebKom was more creator focused, Penlab became the go-to site where you can read for free the titles that have been sold on conventions. It was around this time where KomikSpot launched its on-demand publishing service called Komiks On Demand. It has merged with Likha Mo Publishing and acquired many of its print-on-demand titles.


We’re not as widely recognized as the other two platforms, admittedly, but we still had our recognition. We had our guesting at The Indie Komiks Podcast, The Geeky Juans and finally, we were part of Komikon Grande Online’s program.


Posted by Komikon on Thursday, November 19, 2020

A week later, KomikSpot went on an overhaul, we decided to do what many people are suggesting and that is to also have web comics on the site instead of having to download them. Like was mentioned in the previous entry, we avoided being too much of a “me-too” site and integrated a light social networking component to give creators and comic fans a fresh yet familiar online experience. The online community, the ability to upload and share web comics (and web novels/stories) along with the on-demand print publishing service and the comics online store has initially completed what the founders envisioned KomikSpot to be this year.

By 2021, we are pushing through with more new features – this time focusing on collaboration and improving content creation. We aim to solidify further our commitment to the community with a platform that can push creators to unlock their potential.

Happy New Year and see you all in 2021.