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In outer space a beautiful creature, an angel as a young woman with celestial robes and resplendent wings. Her skin is the color of autumn and her halo shines above. She then takes a dive into the Earth’s atmosphere. The physics of re-entry dictates that when a solid body plummets into the earth’s ionosphere it will catch fire. So the angel turns into a fireball falling from the heavens. Floating for many years, a Gemini space capsule caught glimpse of the shooting star. Sitting atop the abandoned space junk is a watcher from ancient times. The watcher send 4 radiant globes to pursue her into the earth The angel’s colors suddenly transforms from white to bright red. her halo erupts and creates a powerful explosion. On earth the meteorite fell and made a loud impact. A crater was born from this event. Inside the pit was a sleeping woman, she was glowing red. the lady wearing a red dress now awakened, emerged from the hole. She saw the earth for the first time and saw that it was good.

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