KomikSpot - Creators+

Creators+ : Support Program for Webcomic Creators

Introducing Creators+

This is a non-exclusive program aim to help creators when publishing to our site and are open to all ongoing and one-shot Web Komiks. So what are the benefits of this?

  • Receive monetary incentives with your komiks. (Incentive x comic view count)
  • Social advertisements on our social media channels and online communities.
  • It’s completely free with no fees in joining

Requirements :

  • Profile banner must have the KomikSpot logo. Other logos are welcome since our aim is to increase your story viewership!
  • Episode banners must also have the KomikSpot logo. Other logos are welcome. (banners starting May 1, 2021 . Previous banners before said date have no violations)
  • Ongoing Web Komiks must have posted at least 3 episodes on our site with at least 10 pages and an average of 150 views per released chapter or split chapters.
  • Web Strips (web komiks with 1 page with up to 4 to 6 panels) must have posted at least 10 strips on our site and an average of 150 views per release.
  • For One Shot Komiks, creator must apply the one shot within 1 week of posting. (Posts made before May 1, 2021 are still valid )
  • Creators with completed series can still apply for the program. 
  • Must have or have access to Gcash (for payouts)
  • Must have a valid email address.

Logos can be downloaded at: http://bit.ly/KomikSpotLogos2021

Incentives for Ongoing Web Komiks, Strips & One Shots vary.

** We do not encourage Ongoing Series & Strips to be uploaded in one go

If you meet all those requirements, kindly fill up the form below:

The Creators+ terms and conditions along with added information will be sent to your registered email once approved.

The Creators+ is currently in beta phase and will run until September 2021. It may continue as beta or release as a complete program afterwards. During this phase some changes maybe implemented with or without prior notice,