KomikSpot’s Nightlife Origins

From 1999 to 2019, I have mostly been identified with the nightlife scene, most of my friends and acquaintances that I’ve met after graduating college came from the party scene. Several of my ex girlfriends as well, I have met in the club and offered to buy them a drink.

I will not go into detail what I’ve been doing – but let me say this, I played an important role in the nightlife scene’s golden age back in 2008 – when the scene has become mainstream. For more than a decade, I’ve ventured into the nightlife scene with different brands that have slightly different offerings from one another – with the last one being GimikZone – an online magazine that tackled club parties, music festivals, clubbing lifestyle as well as social media trends.

Unfortunately for me, I was starting to feel the signs of aging. I was entering my 40s, and I knew it was time to go. My eyesight was becoming worse. My health was deteriorating, after all the alcohol and substance abuse I got away with – it was inevitable that my body would catch up. By 2018, I gave myself another year but I need to find something else that I could capitalize on before I could officially retire. I saw my daughter’s Instagram account where she had drawings of Steven Universe characters – then it hit me, I remember I am a fine arts major. I was doing freelance work for children’s books, I was making comics before I even entered puberty – so why don’t I establish myself in the comics scene this time around?

Around the time I was transitioning also to digital art, I invested on an XP-Pen drawing monitor as well as a Clip Studio Paint license. I gave myself a refresher course, spent several hours watching tutorials on Youtube as well as browsing through DeviantArt, Artstation and other resources online. So I was able to make a few first pages of my comics already – but there I faced a problem, where will I post them?

Sure there’s Facebook but it seriously fucks up the quality when it gets uploaded add to that the very steep hill to climb hypothetically in order just to stand out.

I still had GimikZone back then but integrating my comics there just feels too forced, even if my comic had something to do with the raving party scene.

Then I stumbled on a group that focused on web comics – and the comic creators were all Filipino. It was fairly new too, so I asserted myself in and not so soon they inducted me as a founding member and an admin. That group was none other than Webkom.

To be continued.

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