Next Level


Last year. Senior year. First day of school. Chrixa and I did our traditional acting showdown where I ended up losing and having to do a condition from her that I really didn’t want to do at that time. It’s shouting “I love you” to her infront of many people. She’s my bestfriend and saying that phrase would not only be awkward but also really painful for me since I recently got out from a heartbreak. But her acting skills controlled the crowd and although I didn’t shout it, I said it in a way that made me see her differently.

Last year. Senior year. 2 weeks after the first day of school. We were at Lance’s airport and there I confessed my love for Chrixa through a microphone infront of many people. It was my last chance of telling her the truth after days of denying it. So I told her I love her, and I bid her goodbye and wished her all the best as she shoots for the stars. But she decided to cancel that, went straight back to my arms, and told me she’d only forgive me on one condition: the same condition she gave me during the first day. And I did it without hesitation.

Now. All of that is about to happen again in a movie!

That’s right! Chrixa wasn’t alone when she decided to ditch her flight. In fact, she told me, that it was the producer of the movie she was gonna be in, that made it possible for her to actually leave the plane. That same producer was so moved by our love story that he decided to make it into a movie. And he not only asked us for our story, he also asked us to play our own characters for the film! We’re going to take our own parts in the movie!

A lot of things happened after I confessed my love for Chrixa. First our friendship evolved, and we’re young, so with the help of our friends, we had to make restrictions to keep us from making big mistakes that could potentially ruin both of our lives. Second, Chrixa and that producer became best friends and persuaded me to take my own part in the movie. I’m really nervous but the producer assured me that we both will undergo some kind of training to hone our acting skills and acquaint us with the crazy world of showbiz.

So, right now, we’re in a Talent Workshop. We’re in the second floor of a multi-storey building. I think where in a dance studio. One wall is just one big mirror with a bar infront of it.

Fel: Good morning everyone! My name is Felix Crissano. You can call me Fel for short. And I will be your acting coach for the movie, Don’t Wanna Fall Again.

So that’s the title of our movie! Cool.

Fel: I know some of you here are excellent performers, but you’re young and bound to make some mistakes, so I’m here to make sure you make less of them. Sir Mark got full trust on me and I must not fail him. So I wish you all good luck and let’s do this!

There are eight people in this room including Sir Fel. Five are professional actors, because I’ve seen them on some movies. And this may be Chrixa’s first movie project, but she had enough practice with acting. So you can’t blame me for feeling out of place.

Fel: Now…May I know your names and what roles you’re going to play?

We’re sitting on the floor in an irregular semi-circle facing Sir Fel. Chrixa and I are sitting to his right and slightly further from us are the others. As I said, some of them are already very famous and all of them already professionals. And man, they look good too. I feel so ugly right now.

Fel: Let’s start with you…

He points at the guy opposite to my side of the sitting arrangement. The guy stands up. He looks cool with his taper fade hairstyle.

“Good morning everybody. I’m Ivan Shane and I’ll be playing Daniel Cramer.” he says with a smile.

Kinda not seeing Daniel on him, though. He’s too tall.

Fel: Next.

Sir Fel points at the girl next to Ivan. She stands up as Ivan sits back down.

“Hello,” she says, waving her hand, “My name is Sara Ranger and I’ll be playing Karen Yster.”

Sara is actually not a bad choice to be Karen. Her hair is shorter though. She sits down as sir Fel points at the next one. The guy, who is someone I know since I’ve seen him in many movies and tv shows, stands up.

“Hi! I’m Peter Illian and I will be Jake Morgan in the movie.”

I suppress a laugh. This guy is too handsome as Jake but he does have a cotton-like hairstyle. Wonder how Jake will react to this.

Peter sits down. The guy next to him just raises a hand, not standing up.

“My name is Franz Oscar. I’ll be playing Mike Grant.”

Well this guy seems to be carrying a whole lot of weight in him. A bit darker than Mike. Guess I’ll call him “emo guy” from now on because of that emo hairdo.

The guy next to emo guy stands up, brimming with confidence and enthusiasm.

“Hello guys! I’m Ferdinand Park, you can call me Ferdy. And I’ll be playing Lance Summers!”

He doesn’t have a curly hair but he does have what it takes to be Lance. Got a feeling we’ll be quick friends.

Ferdy sits down as Sir Fel approaches Chrixa and me.

Fel: And now we’re down to the two main roles of our movie. Or their movie.

Sir Fel takes us to the stand infront of everyone.

Fel: The source of our story. The star of our show. Just introduce yourselves, you guys.

Sir Fel is obviously excited.

Chrixa and I look at each other and smile. She holds my hand. If she’s nervous, it’s not obvious. She looks so confident. I, on the other hand, is trembling. She squeezes my hand, a way to tell me to relax. I take a deep breath.

Mort: Well, ladies first.

Most of the audiences laugh.

Chrixa: What a gentleman.

Chrixa squeezes my hand so tight.

Mort: Ow!

Now everyone laughs. Except emo guy.

Chrixa waves at everyone.

Chrixa: Hello everyone! I’m Chrixa Sun and…

She looks at me smiling.

Chrixa: …I’m the lucky girl.

At that moment I forgot about everyone and just sees Chrixa. I smile. This very beautiful girl claims to be lucky because she’s with me. I turn to everyone feeling so happy.

Mort: Hello guys! I’m Mort Vurlock and…

I look back at Chrixa.

Mort: …I’m luckier.

Chrixa: No I am!

I shake my head.

Mort: Mm mm. Me.

Chrixa’s eyes starts to tear up. She’s about to start the acting showdown. But the thought of having to do that infront of professionals scared me, so I immediately tried to stop it.

Mort: Okay okay! We’re both lucky!

I don’t think that’s going to make her stop.

Chrixa: Why?

Her tone suggests she’s about to cry. I shake my head, exhales, and without a care of the others’ presence, I decide to pour my heart out. I took Chrixa’s other hand and look at her straight in the eyes.

Mort: We’re both lucky. Because we both love each other. I love you. And you did say that you love me too. And I am satisfied to spend the rest of my life falling for you over and over again.

I feel warmth inside upon saying that. I am lucky. Because I have someone with whom I can say those words without worrying about anything else.

Chrixa’s tears flows slowly. She smiles but she’s not acting. I could tell.

Chrixa: Stupid. I was going to humiliate you through acting infront of these guys but you just have to be so sweet and so…

She hugs me. Overwhelmed with emotions. Her face is buried on my shoulder. I barely notice everyone whooping around us.

Ferdy: Oh my gosh! Mort won his first acting showdown!

Chrixa’s head pops up.

Chrixa: What?

Sara: That’s right! Chrixa broke character!

Chrixa: No I didn’t!

Ivan: Oh yeah! There’s that acting showdown thing! So honored to have witnessed it.

Chrixa glares at me.

Mort: Hey I’m the one who broke character first by speaking the truth so you actually win this.

Chrixa: But I’m not supposed to be break character when you do that…

Mort: Well time’s are changing.

I stuck my tongue out. She punches my arm.

Chrixa: You’re lucky, I love you.

Everyone whoops again.

Fel: Alright, settle down you guys!

Sir Fel settles everyone down but tells us to stay infront.

Fel: So we all have read the script and know Mort and Chrixa’s story.

Everyone agrees.

Fel: But I think it would be different hearing about it from the source.

Sir Fel smiles at us. Chrixa and I stare at each other.

Chrixa: Is it my turn?

We’ve told our story many times to Mr. Bates and figured that we’re going to have to tell it many times to many people while the movie is being made until it’s release. Or maybe even after that. So we ended up having to come up with a unified story and a system of who to tell it next. Last time, I did tell our story to Mr. Bates. So…

Mort: Yep! Your turn.

Chrixa faces the audiences.

Chrixa: Uh, this is going to be a bit long so you guys might want to sit down.

Everyone sits and are focused on Chrixa.

Chrixa: The story begins…

And so Chrixa starts telling everyone our story. Our story of friendship and love. At first, I was reluctant to share it to everyone. Maybe it’s too personal to be shared with the public. Too embrassing. But maybe our story would be an inspiration to others who also struggled with it. Maybe it can help a person out there that was once like me. I was so lucky to have found love. I’ve come to realize that not everyone finds it. I’m going to cherish this love for the rest of my life. Especially now that we’re on the next level.


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