Chapter 01: Kasalesayan ning Kapampangan : The Creation and birth of the Gods


Long ago there was only absolute nothingness. An eternal soup of voidness, primordial darkness, an eternal of nothingness.

But nature abhors a vacuum, dark matter and dark energy evolve from the void and therefore the dark matter and dark energy begat the primordial creatures.

The youngest of those primordial gods longed for something different. Thus making himself a target of the eldest gods. The eldest of the serpent of the dark waters waged a war that will last for 1,000,000 years.

Until the youngest god who was soon named Mangatia/Mangetchay struck the heart of the beast who will be remembered as Naga Lakandanum, god of the primeval waters and serpent diety of protection.

The primordial light burst forth, the first light, the beginning of creation. Who are going to be the personification of nature called the Mother Goddess Indung Tibuan.

Followed by space and time emerging together and was called Ibpang Banua, Father Time.

Mangechay, the “Net weaver” using the energy of creation he called Nu, goes to figure creating a vast cosmic web of galaxy clusters that includes planetary bodies, stars, solar systems and all other forms of matter and energy.

At Mangechay’s command twin gods with a fiery form of bird-like appearance of yellow and blue burst forth from the ocean of chaos now known as Indung Laut, The Mother Ocean.

The twin fiery birds descended from Banua to the newly created blue marble landing on the bank of the Great River guarded by Apung Iru. Pulling bamboo poles, the first war of the heavens started for control of the Yatu (Earth). The fiery yellow bird was called Aldau (Sun) and the fiery blue bird Bulan (Moon). The war will continue for hundred of years and within the ensuing battle, Aldau strucked Bulan’s eye, dimming it’s brightness. Bulan surrenders but Aldau lifted his capatad up and divided the rule between himself and Bulan even letting him sit on the throne first. Thus Bulan ruled by bengi (night) and Aldau ruled by aldo (day).

Aldau chose Mount Alaya within the east as his abode, the center, the navel of the world. Bulan chose Mount Pinatubo within the west the source of eight rivers. Aldau came to be known as Apung Sukû meaning antiquity or maybe summit or zenith. Bulan was favoured with the name Apung Mallari, to whom all things were possible.

Apung Sukû, sired four children with Indung Tibuan: Munag Sumalâ (Red Dawn), Abac (Beloved Morning), Ugtu (Noon also known as Lakandanup who devoured shadows at noon), and Gatpanapun (Afternoon, the prince who knows only pleasure).

Apung Mallari had two daughters Sisilim (Twilight) and Kapitangan (Midnight). The son Manalastas (the rooster) who was betrothed to Munag Sumalâ.


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