Sad but True


The graduation ceremony just ended and it’s so noisy!

Parents picture taking, students screaming and howling and everyone is crying and hugging!

Of course! It’s Graduation day!

The saddest part of high school life. Why? Because it’s the end of high school life! It’s really sad because the bonding, happy times, hang outs, all of those fun stuff will now slowly fade as time goes on.

We know this just like how we know that one can never really run from the truth. The truth that we’re growing up. And it’s time for us to move on to the next level of our lives.

My name is Mort Vurlock. I’m 17 and it’s time for me to move on to the next level of my cool life.


That sweet voice. I remember the day I felt so happy hearing that voice. Today I feel the same. I smile as I turn to face its owner.


Two arms suddenly wraps around me. Chrixa is hugging me so tight that I’m choking.

Mort: Chrish…

She lets go, smiling apologetically.

Chrixa: I’m sorry! Did I hurt you?

Mort: Nah…it’s fine.

I smile.

Mort: Actually, I love it. Do it again!

Chrixa smiles and hugs me again. Gently this time.

Chrixa Sun. We’re the same age, only she’s younger by a few months. We’ve been bestfriends since we’re kids and just last year, we’ve realized that the love we have for each other exceeds more than that.

Chrixa: Congratulations!

Mort: You too!

I just feel so happy we’re together right now. I almost lost her last year. And I vowed never to let that happen again.

Mort: I love you.

She looks at me and smiles.

Chrixa: And I love you.

I would really like to kiss her right now. But…

Lance: Hey! That’s PDA you two! You better stop doing that!

Lance Summers approaches us, smiling. He’s one of the members of our Gang of best friends. One of the guys who helped me last year. He thought up the crazy idea that made me tell Chrixa the truth in a spectacular way.

Me and Chrixa lets go of each other and smiles awkwardly at each other. We both are guilty. Guilty of almost breaking our promise for each other right after we became more than best friends: To save our first kiss until that special day. And The Gang are witnesses to that promise.

Mort: Sorry…

I smile, feeling myself blushing.

Chrixa: Me too.

She smiles, face as red as tomatoes.

Lance suddenly hugs us both.

Lance: Congratulations, you two!

Mort: Haha! Congrats, man!

Chrixa: Congratulations, Lance!

Daniel: What’s this? A congratulating ceremony without us? That’s unfair!

Karen: Yeah! Unfair!

Daniel Cramer and Karen Yster walks towards us. They’re one of the best couples I know and are actually a role model for me and Chrixa. They, too, are part of our Gang.

Lance hides behind me, cautiously looking at Karen. He just snagged top one from her and Karen’s been pretending to hate him because of it.

Karen: I see you Lance!

Lance: Hey Karen! Uh…congrats?

Karen just gave her a tiger stare. We all laugh.

Karen: You just had to finally wake up on our last year, huh?

Lance and Karen are always the ones at the top of our class. And Karen was always first. Lance sleeps a lot in class but this last year he did so well that he finally managed to grab the top spot from Karen. Karen don’t mind, really. But it’s just a fun little joke within our gang and Karen seems to be having fun teasing him. She’s proud, of course. We’re all proud of Lance.

Lance whimpers and hides behind me.

Karen: But Lance…. I’m really proud of you.

Daniel: We all are, man.

Lance decided to drop the act of getting scared and grabs me and Chrixa.

Lance: Awww, c’mere you guys!

Then we all hug each other.

Mike: Hey! Don’t forget about us!

Mike Grant and Jake Morgan finally shows up. The last pair of our awesome gang.

Mort: There they are!

Chrixa: Finally we’re complete!

Lance: GROUP HUG!!

We then hug each other. More of a huddle really. And right now, I feel two things at the same time: I’m very very happy but also very very sad.

Chrixa: I’m gonna miss you guys!

Chrixa is crying.

Karen: You all take care, ok!

Karen is crying too.

Then I hear sobbing in all directions. Mike, Daniel, Jake and Lance are also crying. I wanna laugh but as I start to do it, an explosion suddenly went off in my chest and I started sobbing. I can’t even stop the tears that’s flowing out of my eyes.



Everyone replies in chorus.

I love everyone in this huddle. These guys have become a big part of my life and without them, I wouldn’t have survived high school. Their friendship and love are gifts that not everyone are lucky enough to have. I’m very thankful to have been blessed with friends like these guys and I’m really sad that we’re about to go our separate ways.

Lance Summers will be studying how to manage their family business. So he’ll be going to a prestigious university that his father also went to. Mike aims to become a doctor and was recently accepted to a popular medical school, far away from us. Jake will be studying music, and is actually going to a different country to do it. Daniel and Karen are aiming to become missionaries and are off to studying theology for four years. Chrixa and I have different plans too.

So here we are, crying, hugging and already missing each other. We we’re huddled like this for what seem like forever.

Lance: Hey, hey , hey! We’re still going to be calling each other, right? Video calls every week?

Daniel: We sure will try to be online when that happens.

Karen nods, sobbing.

Chrixa: We’ll be there, for sure! Right, Mort?

Mort: Of course!

Mike: But you guys, will be too busy! And maybe I will be too.

Mike smiles apologetically.

Mike: But I’ll try to be there!

Karen sniffles and clears her throat.

Karen: We’ll be going different paths now guys, and although we’re far apart and probably not be able to talk to each other much, our friendship will never fade.

Daniel: So as our love for each other.

We huddle again and Karen starts to pray. She asked God for guidance. That each of us won’t be led astray as we take on each of our own paths. And that if we ever need to change our path, He’d give us open hearts and open minds and be ready to accept it. She asked for strength. So that we remain strong in whatever challenges laid out ahead of us. And finally she asks for blessings. That He provides us with the everything we need to reach our goals.

Karen: …All these things we ask in Your Name. Amen.

I feel my heart lift at the end of Karen’s prayer. It pretty much said what I wanted to ask God. I do believe that He is with us on our plans with our life. And I’m pretty sure He’d give us a heads up if we’re going the wrong direction. Each of us play that role for each other. We guide each other, we pray for each other. We care for each other. And I really pray that the distance won’t be the reason for all of that to fade away. These guys are my friends, my family. And they’re one of the few people that I allow to smack my head just so I do things right. So yeah, I am going to miss them. I’m going to miss them so much.

After that, we decided to spend the rest of the day with each other. Having lunch in our favorite fast food, singing songs in our favorite KTV bar, playing arcade games, etc! All things that we always do together. All things that may not be happening that often in the next days of our lives.

As the sun sets, we all said goodbyes to each other. But also a lot of “see you soons”. Because we will see each other again, for sure. Still I can’t help feeling sad about it.

Chrixa is crying beside me. Sobbing a lot.

Chrixa: I’m…really…gonna….miss those guys!

Mort: C’mere you.

I give her a hug. Chrixa’s still sobbing.

Mort: Don’t worry, Chrish. We’ll see them again soon. But we have work to do first, right? Remember what we promised them?

Chrixa’s sobs fade, then she wipes the tears off her face. She’s still red from all the crying but she manages a smile.

Chrixa: The free tickets?

Mort: Yep!

I give her a big smile.

Mort: So are we doing this or not? You told them you’d call right after graduation, right?

Chrixa: You think you have what it takes to be an actor?

Mort: Ha! Me? I am Mort Vurlock. There’s nothing in this world I can’t take!

I pose dramatically like a hero.

Chrixa laughs.

Chrixa: Really? Even me?

She crosses her arms. An eyebrow raised.

Mort: Are you kidding me? You’re Chrixa Sun! And I…

I smile nervously. My heart already melting at how cute she is.

Mort: …I got nothing. You win!

She laughs and takes her phone. She dials in the number of our film’s producer. He picks up.

Chrixa: Hello? Mr. Bates?

Chrixa looks at me.

Chrixa: Yes sir….uh huh…yep!

She smiles with determination. I smile back and nods.

Chrixa: We’re ready.


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