Mike, Jake, Lance, Daniel and I sat on the patch of grass, under the white leadtree, beside our classroom.

Mike: I still can’t get over it!

Mike trying to bite back the laughter threatening to burst out.

Jake: I was a terrible best friend…

Jake imitates me, and doing a poor job at it.

Mort: So, how’d it go with your father Lance?

I’m kinda nervous.

Lance: It’s fine with him. He actually proposed to mom with the exact same method using the same microphone.

Mort: Really?

Lance: Nope! I’m grounded for a week!

Mort: Man, I’m really sorry.

Lance: Don’t apologize. It was my idea. And it was worth it!

Lance smiles, not looking any bit regretful.

Karen: Hey guys!

Karen arrives, bringing a basket full of goodies. And by goodies, I meant delicious food prepared by the most skillful chef in the world.

Chrixa: You guys better eat all of that or I’ll force it all into Mort’s mouth!

There she is, bringing the drinks. She sits beside me.

Mort: Why just me?

Chrixa: Because you need to compensate for those lunch that you skipped.

Lance: You guys remember last week, when Chrixa’s about to leave and Mort stuffing his mouth with his lunch?

Then they all tease me and Chrixa about the stuff that happened last week. We didn’t really mind. We all just felt so happy.

Chrixa’s trip to the production company’s studio was canceled.

If you think it’s my fault, then you’re right!

The producer of the company, which is also the writer of the story they’ll be filming, decided to stay for a while.

He was there on the airport that day and said he’d be writing our love story for this new experimental movie their working on.

They’re going to produce a movie based on our story!

And not only that! He also decided to give Chrixa the lead female role and me the lead male role! Which means we’ll be playing our very own parts in the movie!

Man, I can’t even believe how crazy things have gone after what I did on that airport.

But the things I value the most during that event is:

One. I proved how blessed I am in terms of having awesome friends.

I look at the Gang. They’ve all helped me in a level that I don’t think normal friends can do. I am so blessed to have them.

Two. I overcame my fear of love.

Actually the perfect words for it is my view of love changed so much. Love is not equals to pain or problem. It’s not even a waste of time. And it certainly doesn’t mean death. Love is more than what I thought it was. Heck, I still have a lot to learn to completely understand it.

But one thing is for sure, which brings us to the third and final thing that I valued the most during the airport event.

I love Chrixa.

And I told her that straight and true. But my love for her is the kind of love that the Bible is talking about, I think. So our friendship stays even if I’ve fallen for her.

Chrixa’s hand lightly touches mine. But she moves it away. She smiles. I smile back. I don’t have to worry about anything. I love her and she loves me. The rest is now up to God.

Karen: Who’s gonna share today?

Lance: I will.

Lance brings out his Bible.

We then start our bible sharing with a prayer. We’ll be doing this every day for the remaining days that we have each other.

Lance: First Corinthians, chapter 13, verses 4-8.

Lance then started reciting the verses and we all listened. We discussed love the way it was defined in those verses. There are still many things to learn about love. And we’re aiming to learn about them together.

I feel so happy as I look at the Gang. Then I look at Chrixa. Seeing her beautiful and happy face, I immediately changed the promise I gave to myself a year ago.

I look at Chrixa and declare inside me:

I am never gonna fall to another cliff.

Because this cliff is the only cliff I’ll be falling to.


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