So Happy to Fall


Sunday. I woke up early today. It’s been a month since Chrixa and I went to church together. Like I said, they went on a vacation during summer time. And yesterday our hangout was canceled so we decided to do it today. After going to church, of course.

I went to their house to pick her up.

“Ding dong.”

Mort: Good Morning Auntie!

Auntie Jane opens the gate on her usual morning get-up. An apron tied around her waist and her hair pony-tailed. She looks younger than her age because she keeps her body fit and her face flawless. She sells beauty products to and me and Chrixa gets free samples from her. I never use them.

I beam at Auntie Jane.

Mort: Is Chrixa ready to go?

Auntie Jane: What do you think?

Auntie Jane ushers me inside their house.

Mort: No.

I shake my head. Auntie Jane smiles.

I follow Auntie Jane to the kitchen.

Auntie Jane: Have you eaten yet?

I’m practically family here so I don’t feel one bit embarrassed as I take my place on one of the chairs on the kitchen table.

Mort: Not yet. Chrixa told me to have my breakfast here.

I eye the food laid out on the table. If the scent won’t invite you to eat it, the looks will. The sight of the perfectly sliced potatoes and carrots and pork swimming in an orange soup on the bowl of a Pork Caldereta made my stomach churn. Of course I have to remember some manners and wait for the hosts to join me on the table but since it would take a million years for Chrixa to join us, Auntie Jane told me to eat first. I thanked her for it and joked about not being able to suppress my drool over the delicious food in front of me. She laughed. I thought she’s taking it as a compliment but then she said, “Tell that to Chrixa. She woke up early to cook that for you.” She ended that with a smile.

Now it’s confirmed that it really was Chrixa who cooked those food she gave me for lunch. I replied with a nervous smile.

I prayed and feasted on Chrixa’s cooking which, as usual, delicious.

Chrixa: Mort? You’re here already?

Chrixa just came out of the bathroom, so I didn’t face her.

Mort: Yeah! Go dress up already!

Chrixa: Yeah…yeah…Why are you not looking?

Mort: Really Chrish?

Chrixa: C’mon it’s not like you haven’t seen me naked before.

Mort: Chrixa! Go dress up, please!

I feel warmth emanating inside. I see Auntie Jane shooing her away.

I can hear her giggle as she goes inside her room.

Chrixa: Glad to have a gentleman for a bestfriend!

She shouts from her room. I can see Auntie Jane smiling and shaking her head as she wash some dishes on the sink.

Mort: I didn’t do that to impress you, you know! I’m just born with it!

I can hear Chrixa laugh. Auntie Jane did too.

Chrixa: Oh really?

Mort: Really really!

I can feel my face burning red.

Mort: Just go dress up already!

I shake my head and focused on eating again.

Then I spent the next 40, or was it 60, minutes waiting for her to finish dressing up and doing whatever it is girls do to prepare themselves when leaving the house.

Auntie is revealing Chrixa’s secrets to me as we wait for her on the kitchen. Some secrets I already know, some I don’t. Auntie was close to revealing what Chrixa really feels for me but Chrixa cuts her off as she joins us on the kitchen. The table became even more noisy upon her arrival.

We then left after eating and having our teeth brushed. Yes, I have a toothbrush ready in their house. It’s practically my second house.

We attended the last mass in the morning since Chrixa took so long to dress up and it was a long breakfast too which comprised of mostly talking than eating. The mass ended by leaving us the message of spreading love by being compassionate towards others like how Jesus did during His time.

After the mass, we decided to watch the movie we’re supposed to watch yesterday. But X-men is not showing anymore so we watched The Princess and the Assassin, a movie that’s produced by the same production company that conducted the audition yesterday. My favorite character there was the assassin, MarkkusRover. And I think Chrixa is imagining that she’s the Princess in the movie.

It’s was awesome. I also kinda felt proud of being a part of one of their project, even if it was just an audition.

After the movie, we ate food to compensate the lunch that we missed.

Chrixa: They never revealed MarkkusRover’s face!

We’re at a popular fast food restaurant. Our two order’s of their biggest burger just arrived.

Chrixa: I was waiting for it too.

She unwraps the enormous burger and starts eating.

Mort: I’m certain there’s a sequel. The journey’s not completed yet.

I also started eating mine.

Chrixa: Yeah. But why would they pick such a handsome actor for the role just to cover his face?

Chrixa said proving that she really did a research.

Mort: I don’t know.

I bit my burger, chews and swallows.

Mort: It’s fine with me though. I actually requested the director to just cover my face because girls might go all crazy after seeing my handsome face.

Chrixa acts like she’s gonna puke. I laugh.

Chrixa: I wonder what the result of the audition is.

Mort: Don’t worry Chrish. I’m certain that you got in.

I smile.

She smiles too.


She takes her phone from her bag. And tells me who the caller is.

Chrixa: It’s Jenny. The one who called me for the audition!

We both look at each other. She sets the phone to loudspeaker so I could hear too.

Chrixa: Hello?

Jenny: Hello, is this Ms. Sun?

Chrixa: Uh, Yes, it’s me speaking.

Jenny: I would like to congratulate you Ms. Sun…

Chrixa is about to jump.

Jenny: …you passed the first screening of the audition! Just wait for our message for the schedule of the second screening… “

Then the only thing I can hear, afterwards was Chrixa saying, “Yes…Yes…Thank you!” then she ends the call beaming at me.

We stare at each other, smiles on our faces, then,


We rejoice.

Chrixa and I dance and jump then she hugs me.

Chrixa: Thanks Mort!

Mort: Hey, no problem.

She lets go and faces me worriedly.

Chrixa: But how about you?

Mort: Nah…It’s fine.

I really is.

Mort: What’s important is that you passed. Being an actor is not really my thing.

She wears her most beautiful smile then hugs me again.

Chrixa: Thank you so much Mort!

I genuinely feel so happy right now.

Mort: You are very much welcome!

Chrixa hugs me a bit tighter and whispers,

“I love you.”

My heart jumps. I pause for two seconds. And just couldn’t stop myself from whispering back,

“I love you too.”

Then we got quiet for a while. My heart is pounding so loud I think she can hear it. I then cut off the silence by letting go of her.

Mort: We better tell this to your mom!

Chrixa: You’re right!

She agrees and smiles as well.

We then got home like nothing weird had happened.

But the thought of not being so big about it left me feeling so guilty when I reached our house. I was slapping myself many times when I’m walking towards our gate. “Why did I reply?” I muttered as I enter the gate. I know we’ve said that many times to each other before but this time it felt different. I can’t help not wonder how Chrixa felt. I’m praying so hard that she wouldn’t have any negative feelings because of it.


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