Am I gonna Fall too?


Before sleeping, I prayed to God, thanking Him about today. I also asked for His guidance towards this path that I’m currently in. After that, I had my teeth brushed, which I forgot to do before praying, then I went to sleep. Tomorrow would be a wonderful day so I closed my eyes and slept with a smile on my face.


It’s Chrixa’s voice again. I open my eyes to see her face. She grabs my hand and then we both ran through a field covered with beautiful flowers.

We we’re very happy.

Then there’s the cliff. Chrixa walks towards the edge of it.

“Jump with me.” she says.

“Okay! Let’s fly!” I reply, without hesitation.

Then we jump.

We happily glide through the air, not minding what awaits us at the bottom.

Then something glows beneath us. It was a big ball of light! Chrixa grabs my hand and shouts, “Here it goes!”

We fall into it and then there was a sudden flash!

We then find ourselves sitting on a patch of grass under a young Acacia tree on top of a small hill. We laugh and enjoy the beauty of the clouds as we lie down the grass under the tree. We were comparing cloud formations to things in life, like a beard, a bunny, a car, etc. We watch the clouds until something else formed.

The white clouds suddenly turns dark and swirls above us.

A tornado is forming!

We immediately head for the young acacia tree to hold on to it.

Chrixa’s very scared. I tell her to not let go of the tree but the wind is so strong and the tornado is pulling us!


Chrixa slowly left the ground as the tornado pulls her. She loses hold of the tree but I managed to grab hold of her hand.

“I’m never gonna let go of her!” I say to myself.

But her hand was slipping from mine.

“Mort…” is all Chrixa could say as our hands slowly lose each other’s grip.

“No, Chrixa! NOOOOOOO!”


My ringing cellphone wakes me up. I stare at the ceiling. I shake the awful feeling off and takes my phone on the table beside my bed. Chrixa is calling. I answer it.

Mort: H-Hello Chrish!

Chrixa: You just woke up, didn’t you?

I check the time from a digital clock on my study table and is surprised to see it was already 8:30 in the morning. I slap my head as the realization of being late for our hangout today suddenly clears my mind from the fuzziness of waking from a bad dream.

Mort: I overslept! I’m sorry Chrish! I’ll just move like a flash!

I said as I jump out of my bed, grabs the towel and puts down the phone.

Chrixa: No no no Mort! Wait!

She will definitely do something awful about me being late. So as fast as I can, I take a bath, wear decent clothes, eat my breakfast and run off to their house.

I was panting when I reach her crossed arm figure, my hands on my knees and my eyes on her tapping sandals. I made her wait by raising a finger. After what seem like a minute I was able to catch my breath.

Chrixa: I have a bad news, actually.

I look at her exhaling.

Mort: Don’t tell me…

Chrixa: Yep. No hangout today.

She smiles apologetically.

Chrixa: I tried to tell you but you hang up!

I wave my hand infront of me.

Mort: Yeah yeah yeah.

I went back to leaning forward, my hands on my knees. I examine her and saw that she’s actually dressed up and ready to go. So if she can’t come with me, where is she going?

Mort: What’s so important than our hangout anyway?

She smiles.

Chrixa: I have an audition.

Mort: What?! Why didn’t you tell me about this sooner?

We actually talked about it in the past that if she ever joins an audition she will have to tell me weeks before the audition so I can cheer her on. It’s actually one of those promises that we swore not to break so I’m a bit angry to gain knowledge about her audition hours before it.

Chrixa laughs guiltily.

Chrixa: I’m sorry! It just came all of a sudden and I was gonna surprise you.

Mort: Chrixa, as your best friend, I have the right to know when you’re fulfilling your dreams!

Chrixa: Okay! So you’re coming with me then?

Mort: Where? The audition? Of course I’m coming! Even if you don’t want to.

Chrixa laughs.

Chrixa: Well then we better hurry because I’m getting late!

Then she pulls my hand and we both run towards an approaching public utility multi cab that stops to get us, not making a mistake of assuming that we need a ride.

Chrixa told me that Auntie Jane is working so she can’t come today. We then talked about her audition and what’s it for.

It’s actually for a new project of some production company. They want to look for fresh new talents for a new movie that they’re planning to make. Chrixa was so excited about it. And I’m actually excited about it too. This is a pretty big deal and this production company in particular makes great movies.

We arrived at the venue and fell in line. I accidentally followed Chrixa all the way to the end of it. We were talking too much that I didn’t notice that I signed up my name on the audition as well. Chrixa smiled. She was planning it all along!

I got nervous after slowly realizing what’s happening. It’s actually part of my dream to be on this industry too but not as an actor. I’m always fascinated by the art of filmmaking. And dreamed that one day I’ll be creating films as well. Of course, Chrixa knows it and insists that she must always have a part of any film I make.

Mort: Chrixa! You’re crazy!

We’re moving away from the line. She just laughs.

We then practiced the sample script that’s given to us to act out in the audition. It’s actually a script for pairs. Chrixa knew I’d be coming so she actually set me up. I have no choice but to comply. Now I know what she meant when she wants to surprise me. The script made me feel awkward, though. It’s a script between two characters. Lovers. And I can’t help remembering what I need to talk to her about. This isn’t the right time to do it though.

The audition started after two hours. I was really nervous which made me doubt that I’d be able to perform properly but when it’s our turn to act, we managed to pull it off just fine…


Chrixa was -obviously- so good! I, however, stuttered too much.

Mort: Don’t blame me! I wasn’t ready!

Chrixa: But you were so good during practice!

Mort: I got stage fright.

She smiles.

Chrixa: I know! You should’ve seen your face, it’s really funny!

She laughs.

Mort: Hey!

I grab her and give her a knucklehead.

After the event, Chrixa and I had our dinner in a fast food restaurant. I just ate a burger, since I’ve eaten a lot out of nervousness during the audition, while Chrixa ate the largest meal in the menu. She never ate during the audition.

Chrixa: I shoulvn’t eat voo mush!

Mort: Hey! Don’t talk while you’re mouth is full!

I wipe the bits of rice that flew from her mouth to my face, then added with a genuine worry.

Mort: And you should eat! You’re gonna die if you won’t. You didn’t eat lunch too.

She drinks water and gulps down her food.

Chrixa: But I might get fat and ugly!

Mort: Hey! Being fat is not ugly.

I shake my head and takes a bite off my burger.

Chrixa: I didn’t mean that! I meant I’m ugly if I get fat.

I chew and gulps.

Mort: No, you’re not!

I shake my head and take another bite.

Mort: Yer beautivul whatever shafe you’re in.

Chrixa: Really?

I gulp down my food. And takes a few sips from my drink.

Mort: Nope! You’re the ugliest person in the world!

I was laughing when she crosses her arm and pushes her food towards me saying she’s not eating it.

The day felt so perfect that the memory of the past days’ problems were erased. It is so much better like this. Chrixa and I being best friends. Things seem so perfectly normal that I didn’t really feel like confronting her about THAT thing. So I didn’t. In fact, I sorta forgot about it and slept that night without the nasty dream disturbing me.


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