Too Close to the Cliff


“What? I didn’t do that!”

The next morning, I immediately confronted Chrixa about what she did yesterday. And just as I’ve expected, she’s denying it.

Mort: Chrixa, don’t make me angry.

My patience is trickling down while walking down the hallway. I can see some girls giggling as we pass by. Probably the ones who witnessed the stunt yesterday and was convinced that Chrixa’s really my girlfriend. I cringe.

Chrixa: Angry? I’m the one who should be angry here. You’re accusing me for things I didn’t do!

She’s acting again.

Mort: Fine!

I’m tired of dealing with her childish behavior. I look away and start walking ahead of her towards our classroom.

Mort: So long, BEST FRIEND!

She grabs my arm.

Chrixa: Okay! I’m sorry! Never gonna happen again.

I look at her with one eyebrow raised.

Chrixa: I promise.

She wears witty smile. I squint at her.

Mort: Promise…

Doubt swimming around the edges of my tone.

I shake my head as I approach her then I swiftly grab her before she could get away. I then rub my knuckles none so gently on her head.

Mort: Can you really promise not to do something that you can’t live without, huh?

I ask while she squirms in my arms.

Chrixa: Ow! Mort! Stop!

I didn’t.

Mort: You may still do the prank.

I stop rubbing her head but still holding her.

Mort: But don’t you ever use the girlfriend thing again!

Then I continue the onslaught.

Mort: You know what I’ve been through last year so yesterday was not, in any way, good!

She was struggling from my hold, trying to stop my hands from inflicting any destruction upon her locks. But it’s too late. I ruined it already.

Chrixa: Okay! I got it! I understand! Stop!

She pushes me. Her strength and seriousness surprised me.

Chrixa: You’re ruining my hair!

I cringe.

Mort: Since when did you show care to your hair?

Chrixa: Since I spent all of my savings making it look beautiful.

She takes the knot of her hair and combs it with a brush from her sling bag. Which fascinates me, because this is something she never does before. I smile.

Mort: Oh! So you’re a lady now!

I gasp exaggeratedly.

Mort: You’re a lady now?!

Chrixa: It has to come some point in my life.

She sticks her tongue out.

Chrixa: And I wouldn’t want to be left behind.

She starts walking.

Mort: You know what, Chrish…

I rested an elbow on her shoulder as I walk beside her.

Mort: I don’t think you’re ready for maturity.

She raised an eyebrow at me.

Mort: Why? Because yesterday is really the opposite of being mature.

She smiles.

Chrixa: Well, at least now I know you love me.

I cringe.

Mort: Of course I love you.

She stops and acts shock.

Chrixa: You do?!

I roll my eyes.

Mort: Chrixa… You’re my bestfriend! Of course I love you. You’re like my little sister.

I pat her head. She smiles and hugs me.

Chrixa: Oh that’s so sweet of you big brother.

I was reminded of that weird feeling yesterday so I pushed her away slightly.

Mort: Ok…So…

I clear my throat.

Mort: Now that you’re…MATURE. Is there, like, a real special someone that you’re keeping a secret from us? I mean look at you, right now. There’s gotta be a reason for all this.

I gesture at her changes.

That made her stop. My smile grew wider.

Chrixa: What kind of question is that?

She’s blushing.

Mort: A mature one.

This is quite enjoyable. Seems like this is her weak spot. I’ve never seen her blush like this before. It’s because she’s so confident all the time that you’d never see her get nervous. This time is different though so I got the sudden determination of pushing her to tell me.

Chrixa: Well…Of course! It’s not impossible for me to like someone.

Her face turns so red I had to stop myself from laughing. I felt a sudden victorious sensation inside of me, urging me to continue pestering her.

Mort: Oh really? So who’s the lucky guy?

I’m not even hiding the sarcasm on that one.

Chrixa: Oh!

She’s eyeing her wrist, as if looking at her watch.

Chrixa: We’re getting late!

She doesn’t have a watch.

Chrixa: We have to hurry!

This is getting more fun! I grab her arm before she could get away.

Mort: We’re not going anywhere if you don’t tell me who he is.

I’m smiling mischievously.

Chrixa: Y-you wouldn’t like him.

The great Chrixa Sun. Stuttering. This is getting more and more fun.

Mort: Why wouldn’t I?

I’m genuinely confused by this. Being her best friend, she should know that I’ll learn to accept the guy, whoever he is.

Chrixa: Because- because nothing! Forget about it.

This time I think she’s acting to dodge the topic. But I won’t let her. This is the revenge I’ve been waiting for!

She continues walking away from me while I stay where I am.

Mort: C’mon Chrish…I’m your best friend! I can accept anyone if he’s the one you really like.

I said with two purposes in my mind. First, to remind her that I am indeed her best friend and that I will accept anyone if she really likes him. And second, to push her to tell me so I can have my revenge.

She stops and looks at me. I give her a smile of reassurance.

Chrixa: Promise me not to tell anyone.

She go serious. Not sure if she’s acting or not.

Mort: I promise!

I smile. Hoping it won’t reveal my mischievous intentions.

Chrixa: Cross your heart!

I obediently follow. I draw a tiny cross over my chest with my right fore finger then raise my right arm.

Mort: Hope to die!

That seem to satisfy her.

Chrixa: Ok.

She takes a deep breath then exhales.

Chrixa: His name is –

She looks at me then looks away.

Chrixa: Actually, it’s not just a crush.

My eyes widen as I expect her next words.

Chrixa: It’s something…more big.

Chrixa!? In love!? I thought her looks are the only things that changed about her. I didn’t expect she’d change this much.

Mort: Ok…

I trying so hard to hide my excitement. Finally! Someone I can tease her with! I need to know this guy so I ask with a smile.

Mort: Who?

Chrixa looks at me. She’s really nervous! While I’m getting more fascinated.

Chrixa: Well, he’s…

She can’t even look at me.

Chrixa: He is…

I can see sweat starting to pour from her forehead.

Mort: Go on.

Chrixa: He is…

My heart is beating fast. I’m so going to tease her after this.

Chrixa: He is-


The bell rang. Chrixa smiles. A smile of triumph.

Chrixa: Well, Mort. Destiny doesn’t want you to know.

She takes her handkerchief and taps the sweat off her forehead. Her confidence back to the way it usually was.

Chrixa: We better hurry!

She runs then turns to me, walking backwards.

Chrixa: Besides, if you’ll know who he is, you might use him as my weakness or a payback for what I did to you yesterday.

She looks at me with a triumphant face.

Chrixa: And I’m not gonna let that happen.

She turns away and walks happily towards our classroom.

She escapes again. But she’s right! Using that guy as her weakness is part of the plan. I thought she wouldn’t notice it since her face was ready to explode. I almost got her there though. But, yeah, destiny is on her side. I’m not going to give up though. I will know who this guy is. And when I do…(evil laugh).


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