Chapter 1: Aren


Hilenia continent, were five different kingdoms were established. Varied forms, race,abilities and beliefs.

Clock Kingdom, where time is the most important thing. Residents here are the most loyal to their king they will never disobey him. Their warriors can control time itself.

Spirit Kingdom, where mythical creatures are born.A beautiful, majestic ,stunning place. Humans here were born normal until this tiny spirit possess them and became a sublime creature. They have the ability use the nature on their own will.

Dime Kingdom, short for Kingdom of Dimensions. Their all humans except that they had an access to the modern world and can use modern weapons for combat.

Demi Kingdom, short for Kingdom of Demi-humans. All humans here are half breeds, half human and an animal.
Their senses were extraordinary and had the ability to use their animal form to its limit.

The one who governs them all is Vari Kingdom, short for Kingdom of Variation the center of Hilenia surrounded by the four other kingdoms. All residents were humans like Dime kingdom but had an access to mana the source of magic. Their knights possess this magic abilities.

In an isolated castle inside the kingdom where novice knight is trained. We’ll saw them practicing day and night.One of them is Aren wearing an armor and sparring with another trainee wielding a real sword. As their instructor observe them.

“{Isolated Castle}”
-{Training Ground}

Grand Knight Huru, A middle age man, with a yellow beard,eyes,hair and a sturdy, muscular physique assigned to guide novice knights. Beside of him is Benjamin, his loyal and kind assistant. His height is about the shoulder of his master.

They were observing the training knights. Along with Aren having the struggle and difficulty to fight his opponent and wield a sword, a total beginner.

Benjamin: “Sir Huru, What thoughts do have about the upcoming new Royal Guards?”

Huru: “Only knights that are worthy enough will be chosen as the new four royal guards.
I already noticed that some of our trainee having their magic abilities waking up earlier than I thought it would be.”

Benjamin: “So… the only left thing to do is to choose them?”

Huru: “That’s right. After this bout I’m going to call them. Our new protectors…”

After that small talk between them two all the sparring matches are now finish. One is left standing, one is down. As for Aren, he was undeniably defeated by his trainee partner. His sword were pointing at him as a sign that he won the match.

His partner removed his helmet and greeted him for a good match. His name is froilan, a teen boy with blue hair and red eyes.

Froilan: “That was a good match Aren! Even though you lost you made an excellent improvement!”

Aren removed his helmet too and replied to him. He had a dark violet-blue hair and eyes.

Aren: “Your so kind froilan… I know myself that I haven’t improve lately… I’m still a beginner after three years of training.”

Froilan: “Don’t think like that! Just take your time and someday maybe you’ll even surpass me!”

Aren: “You sound like your an old teacher or something…”

*Both of them laugh*


*All trainees attention went to Sir Huru*


Aren: What!?

All trainess were shocked about this information. A sparring match is their daily basist of training. No one will ever thought that this is a requirement to achieve the most highest position of a knight. A Royal Guard.

*While the other are murmuring one trainee shouted his anger*

Narsin: “THAT WAS UNFAIR! if only they informed us early we could’ve prepared for the match!”

The name is Narsin, the same age as Froilan and Aren he had a black hair and red eyes.

Huru: “My decision is final! After the second group finished their match I want to see all of you in the Knight’s Room.”

The Knight’s Room is just a simple classroom but only for knight trainees. When a child reach seven years old they will be tested if they were capable of becoming a knight no matter the gender is.

On this batch only forty trainee knights were chosen divided into two groups. They will train on the isolated castle until they become an adult and serve the kingdom.

The the trainees left the field with mixed emotions. Those who won the sparring match had a delighted smiling face while those who lost had a sad and regretful face.

{Changing Room}

*The trainees are now changing back on their uniform.*

Aren: “Umm… that was unexpected.”

*Narsin slammed the wall*


Narsin: “That was bullshit”

Froilan: “Hey Narsin! Watch your mouth!”

Narsin: “Who cares!! Just what is the problem of that damn instructor!! He knows that all of us dreams to be a great Royal Guard! Am i right!?”


“It’s true though”

Froilan: “Your right… You can’t shatter someone’s dream just like that.”

Benjamin: “First Group Trainees! The second group had finished their match already. Keep moving and get to the Knight’s Room quick!”

All: “Yes, Sir Benjamin!”

{Knight’s Room}

Those who won the match are assigned to seat on the front two rows while the all losers are in the back rows. Aren seat mate is Narsin and the other one is Nielyn, one of the girl’s knight but lost on her sparring match. She had a purple hair and eyes.

Twenty to choose from and twenty eliminated and now Sir Huru has arrive.This day was already unusual for the trainee knights but the most unexpected thing is about to come.

Their beloved parents went to see them be promoted as a honorable royal guards.

Aren: (Wait… what?? Why are these parents entering the room without Sir Huru’s permission?)

Narsin: “Oh no… Are you kidding me?”

Nielyn: “I’m so ashamed… My little brother will gonna be mad at me”

Aren: “How old is your little brother?”

Nielyn: “He’s five years younger than me.”

Aren: “I see… He must be five years old then”

Nielyn: “Yep… But i didn’t really expect that our parents will come”

*Nielyn parents found her and started waving holding his brother kevonu*

Nielyn: “Oh! There they are!”

*Nielyn waves back from her seat*

Nielyn: “What about your parents Aren?”

Aren: “Of course they will come. They have high expectations from me…”

Narsin: “Shut up and listen. Sir Huru is about to talk”

*They stopped their conversation along with the murmuring of the parents and trainees*

Huru: “Greetings! Trainees and Parents! Now that all of you had gathered I will now announce our future royal guards!”

“After three years of training i found four great knights that will lead this kingdom to success”

“We congratulate you… Danvil!! The Future Royal Guard of the North Division”

*Everyone clapped their hands while his proud parents shouted with joy*

*Benjamin brought the gold medals and Huru gave it to Danvil*

Mother: “Great job! Son!”

Father: “Not bad! Danvil!”

“Next is Crene of the East Division!”

While congratulating those who became Royal Guards some parents are expecting that their child will be one of them especially Aren’s parents.

Mother: “Do you think our son will be a Royal Guard?”

Father: “Well… I know I’m pushing him too much to become one… but its all right maybe this thing is not for him.”

Huru: “Next is Trinia! Future Royal Guard of the West Division”

“Oh this time its a girl!”


Huru: “The last but not the least is… Froilan!!

*Aren’s eyes widen as he didn’t expect that his sparring partner will be the fourth Royal Guard*

“Future Royal Guard of South Division”

Aren: (What?? Froilan was chosen? But he’s always my sparring partner does this mean that if only I’m better than him I could be a Royal Guard too?)

Narsin: “Tsk! Losers…”

Huru: “All of you trainees are capable of becoming a Royal Guard. Even when you lose every fight you had the chance.”

*Trainees started murmuring around the room*

Huru: “But!… Those who’ve I notice that their magical abilities were already developing at a young age are more advance than a simple knight.”

“One example here is Froilan! I can sense his magic ability called Magic of Absorption. He’s absorbing the mana of his opponent making him vulnerable and weak.”

Aren: (WHAT??? that was unfair!!)

Aren was defeated because of incapability to use his mana correctly.

The program are now finished trainees went home with their parents and some are congratulating their Royal Guard friends.

Father: “Don’t be so sad my little aren”

Aren: “Your not… mad?”

Mother: “Of course were not mad. We’ll always be proud of you!”

Father: “That’s right son! Someday you’ll accomplish something greater than anyone”

Aren: “Thanks! Mom and Dad!”

They went home as the sun goes down

Six years had passed and the knight training is still ongoing. On the Isolated Castle trainees are now using different magic spell especially the four future royal guards.

The only two trainees left without a Magic Ability is Narsin and Aren. Their just sitting and observing them cast a spell.

*Free time is now over and Huru arrived in the room*

Huru: “Gather up everyone! I have an announcement to make!”

*The trainees went to their seats*

Huru: “As of today thirty-eight knights had already shown their magic ability to us. Now, its time for the last two… Which is Narsin and Aren!”

“Narsin! Could you please come forward and show us your power”

*Narsin stood up and walk upfront*

Aren: (Wait… Is he already developing his ability? I though he doesn’t have it yet just like me.)

Huru: “Since your standing in front of us now. It only means that you already gained it right?”

Narsin: “Yes, I do have one…”

Its called…

“Magic of Catastrophy: Skeleton Army”

Without a single warning Narsin casted a spell. An army of skeletons rised up in the room started to slay some of the trainees.

Everyone is shocked, scared , mad at him.

“Huru: Narsin!! What the heck is your ability!?”

“Huru slayed hundreds of skeleton bare handed that keeps rising underground. Some trainees are protecting themselves, some died and some were just froze in panic. Aren runs outside as fast as he can along with the other trainees”

Aren: (Narsin!! What on earth have you done!?)

*Huru unleash his sword aiming for Narsin’s head but as soon as he stabbed him his body is just a magic spell it’s fake*

Huru: *Shit! He escaped!!*

*Huru went to clean all the remaining skeleton on the room*

No one in the kingdom had ever seen Narsin since then and every week of a month. A catastrophy spell keeps hunting the kingdom.

A Blizzard, Earthquake, Flood every disaster this kingdom had already experience as a result half of the population is dead.

Aren and his family decided to leave the kingdom. They are now packing all the things they had.

Mother: We can’t take this anymore! One more month and this kingdom will rot and die!

Father: We will migrate to Dime Kingdom! Since the citizens there were humans just like us!

Aren: “But… Rumors said that Nisran will cast a spell to protect the three divisions. He’s the wielder of Magic of Prosperity.”

Mother: “No one knows how long he can handle it! And three? This kingdom had four divisions aren! What are they gonna do? sacrifice that one division!?”

Father: These Royal Guards are useless!! They were supposed to protect us!

*A carriage arrived and aren his family went to the west direction where the Dime Kingdom is*

After days of exploring the kingdom they finally found an empty house to rent. It was near the swamp forest at the end of the continent.

While they were eating breakfast Aren’s father had an idea

Father: “Aren… Do you want to hunt with me?”

Aren: “Hunting? Wielding a bow and arrow with all these huge monsters on the forest. That’s what i call suicide.”

Father: “Don’t be a chicken kid! Your a former knight right?”

Aren: “I’m not a coward! I just don’t want to die!”

Father: “Don’t worry I’ll protect you.”

Mother: “Looks like I can’t stop you two. Make sure you come back before the night comes.”

Then the hunt begins as they went inside the forest they just realized how big these trees are.

Aren: “I’m not a good archer dad! I’m not so sure about this.”

Father: “So far so good! Just keep close to me and we’ll run together”

Aren: “Whose the chicken now?”

*His father chuckles*

As they go deep into the forest they heard a strange sounds of monsters. Something is crawling they can feel it.

Aren: Umm.. dad? What is that strange crawling sound?

Father: I don’t know aren and i don’t want know…

*Aren whispered to his dad*

Aren: I think its behind us…

*His father replied to a whispering voice too*

Father: You think so?

*His father turns quicky as possible aimed his arrow and shoot it but theres nothing there*

Father: Wait what? Theres nothing behind us?

*Aren looks up as a huge spider monster coming down to eat them*

Aren: “DAD RUN!!!!”

They dodged its attacked successfully but they were separated the spider went to chase aren’s father.


Aren: NO!!! DAD-

Before Aren could’ve think of anything all the monster are now appearing one by one snakes, lizard some are mixed breed huge monsters.

Aren: (This is what I’m talking about!! Just how on earth a bow and arrow can hunt these monsters.)

*Aren rush to find his way out of the forest while the monster are chasing him*

Aren: (Where do I hide? Where do I go?)

In a blink of an eye Aren felt that the monsters following him are dead. He stopped running and take a rest. Full of sweat and catching his breath.

Aren: (What is this feeling… I think I’m safe now)

Aren slowly turn on his back and what he see is that all monsters chasing him were severely damaged on their neck. The reason why they died so easily.

He then finds a trail of blood…

Aren: (Something killed them… What kind of monster is that?)

*Aren followed the blood trail out of curiosity preparing his arrow and bow for sudden attack*

Aren: (The blood trail leads to…)

“Aren’s eyes were widen as the trail of the blood went to a swamp*

Aren: (a swamp?)

*Aren went near the swamp to observe it closely*

Aren: (so… the creature went inside this swamp? A very strange-)

*Aren heard a rustling sound above the trees he aims his arrow up above*

Aren: (Is the monster a monkey or what?)

The rustling sound are gone but a stinky smell is coming out of the swamp.

Aren: (What the heck is this bad smell!? What a disgusting sensation is it coming from the swamp?I need to get out of here!)

*Aren started to run away from the swamp but he felt the urge to sleep. He fainted near the swamp*

A memory of Aren showed up in his dream while he was asleep because of the stinky smell.

{Isolated Castle}
-{Entrance Gate}

A seven years old aren were brought to the isolated castle for the first time all of his classmate were there too. They will be tested if they can become a knight or not.

Inside the library is a book with a gem in its cover. If a mana user hold the book it will glow as green but if its not it will glow red.

Librarian: Just hold the book tightly boy!

Aren was delighted to see the green light on the gem of the book. A majestic knight that’s what he wants to be.

Aren: “I’m a Magic User! I’ll gonna be the greatest knight of this kingdom!!”

Froilan: “Good luck with that!”

Aren saw his fellow magic users, a new friends he always wanted too.

Aren: Awesome!! Let’s be friends!


“Of course!”

“We’ll gonna beat bad guys”

That day aren smiled to the fullest. He thought that he accomplished everything he wanted in his life.

But that beautiful sweet dream turns into a horrible nightmare

Aren saw the devastating room as he’s friends were slaughtered by skeletons. Their grunting,shouting for help, crying and dead.

“Why did you run Aren!”

“Why did you left us!”





*His eye opened from the deep slumber*

A nightmare he will never want to go back again

Aren: (What is that!? What is happening!? Where am I!?

*As Aren looked around him he saw bunch of dead monsters wanting to devour him*

(Ah… Right I went to hunt with my father… I hope he’s still alive. I’m still wondering just who is this creature protecting me…)

*The sun is going down*

(Its getting dark I need to go home before I get lost… Oh wait I am lost)

*Aren stopped walking and sat on a tree*

(Just what did happen to my life I just…
want two simple thing)

*The night comes and everything became dark*

While aren is losing his hope to find his way home he saw a tiny firefly in front of him.

Aren: “Whoaa…”

*The firefly flew away*

Aren: “Wait don’t leave me!”

Aren followed the firefly afraid of losing the only light he had since the huge trees are covering his moon light. The firefly went to the swamp.

Aren: “No… not that swamp again!”

A snake monster heard Aren’s voice hissing behind him…

Aren turns back to avoid the stinky swamp but he didn’t expect another monster will show up again on his face.

Aren: “Ahhh!! AAHHHHH!!”

Aren rush over to that swamp in order to escaped but the snake is ready to devour him.

Aren stumbles over and looks back as a vines suddenly appeared strangling the huge snake to death

Aren: “What on earth did just… happen?”

In a short distance… Aren heard a maiden’s voice

“Are you alright?”

  1. While Aren is froze from fear he looked where the voice came from. At the distance there is this mythical looking girl sitting on the top of the stone at the swamp…

Under the moon light…

She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen


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