Get Splat


Get Splat you beeping insect! That is my one liner whenever I encounter a specific creature, known as the toughest beings ever existed even from the time of dinosaurs, the cockroach

Beeping this creation my God!, you could have created better things or not so many salty water for living beings to drink, but beeping roaches. Hell no


This is a story of Mark, a regular teenager, who flips the switch whenever he sees a roach. He is even nicknamed the Terminator Roach for his ferocity in eliminating such pests.

Believing that it started as a child trauma of an abusive caretaker, which build up as a flight or fight response. Flight towards fighting the roach that is.

His eyes perfectly recognized their shape and form even at the dark, which is togo time for any bug. He wouldn’t harm any other being, he just hates roaches.

His ears can differentiated a sound of plastic and a flight of the roach.

And a full rush of adrenaline going for the kill, his family even recorded lifting the side of the refrigerator when a roach ran to the corner of the kitchen.

It got to the point that he didn’t sleep until he eliminated the little trespasser at his bedroom


But then, one night. he was going to the bathroom. His house is two floors two bedrooms. One bedroom which was his parents room only got the bathroom for the floor.

He got off the bed by 11pm. Feeling to take the throne.

He got out and saw a big roach at the staircase. It was too high for a broom and too inaccurate to throw a slipper. And so he instinctive grab a chair for better distance.

But as he was about to grab his slipper. He heard the roach flew and he got a sensation at his back. He knew this feeling as irritating as thorns or screeching sounds. The roach flew to him.

He tried to get it off, but it moved inside his tshirt. He angered scream, trying to move and take off his shirt. It wasnt biting but the hairs in its legs are gruesome to his boy.


The setting of the incident was near the staircase. Without vision and just awoken body, he tripped and hit his head to the tiles of the stairs. Dead it is confirmed. the roach just crawled away from the scene.



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