let’s see

There is an overwork service worker. He just got his job in a large company, and he already stacked with the world’s cruelty in his face.

He received a coupon for a getaway bus that is connected to his way to work.

Since it was a coupon, he took it to try.

The bus came and he hop on near the driver seat. It was a woman driver.

And when he turned to the passengers.

They were all occupied by women. With some kids on their laps. Having a fun a time

He suddenly changed too.

He gotten small. His clothes matched his shrinking. Tada. He became a kid again. With an adult mind. he was shocked.

Until one of the woman introduced her to the Shotacon bus.

Where they relieve stress from everyday work people.

She asked him to seat on her lap.

He is embarrased at first. Being in a lap of someone from a long time.

Feels relaxing.

There are some activities at the back of the bus. Like toys, books, and relaxing music many used to listen as a young self.

He had a relaxed time.

The bus stopped. And it was off to go.

The trip to work was slow and relaxing.

The oneesans said their goodbyes to the kid.

He turned back to his original form…


He didnt know how he got to work, but he felt inside that thing every kid experienced till they lost them due to society’s system. To enjoy every minute counts


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