Heart of the Job


At most, the chance of breakups are 50 50 whichever the side. This percentage can exponentially increase if the other side cheated. In a lifetime, most humans are bound to have breakups. And when you want a pity revenge to your less significant other, we got you.

Ex Delivery Services views cheating as a most sinful act of humanity, and we strived to counter those beings with the rightful actions.


It is a sunny day, the day for my 10th assignment for the week, Ever since launched, we were getting clients near my hometown. Suprisingly, none of them were my friends.

My name is Bakbak, Mr. Bb. I am now arriving at my destination with my scooter with a 12 month loan to pay. It is better than getting stuck in traffic. Good the place is not centered in a highway.

I passed the intersection into a barangay. I got my ID and spare money for lunch. I was always a bliss when on the job, and the job is on the move.

Stop. Parked in a safe zone between 7/11 and a bakery. I crossed the road into the other side.

Rented at 45 Pagasa street. Roan Dias

I knocked at the door with a sign petition board. The door opened and the man matched my overview’s profile

Are you Roan Dias?, I asked

He replied yes,

I have a package to be delivered to you, I replied and handed the box.

Please sign here for part of the delivery,

He signed it with a swift.

Stage 1 is complete

Preparing stage 2

I gripped my board at my right hand. With an open palm by my left

The target is close, so I slapped him with a minimal anger.

He was startled and hold his right cheek. WTF man, he replied – a natural response when a being is in danger.


I calmly replied: That was the delivery sir. It was delivered on behalf of your Ex, Sarah Ganto.

His eyes are a part disbelief. I showed him the profile of my client and put it away.

Are you his new man?, he asked putting his hand on his shoulder


Oh nono, I replied. Im just an employee working. There are no hard feelings okay, I reached out my hand that was in his face moments ago.

He sighed and reached out.

In that approach, I slapped him harder with my right hand in his left cheek.

He was shocked once, he wanted to charge at me. But i replied, that was the full package sir. A full face slap, She noted that to hit harder as reference from the 2nd time she caught you cheating.

Gosh, you get paid for slapping people?

in a sense yes, good thing she didn’t avail the punch or our special package. There are tissue, and a kit of injuries in that box. Free of charge, Off I go

Crossed the street, not make a scene and off my scooter away.


Another happy ending I thought as I tap the Package Received from our App. Ex Delivery Service,. Now available in the Appstore nationwide.

I got sudden payment from the client. She wanted the special package. Even though it was late entry, I can’t return the pain she had left and wanted a nice closure. I smiled


On the scene, a girl was coming to the rented house. It must be the new girl Roan gotten himself for. She noticed the redness of his cheek. He brushed it off for the fun time he planned for their date.

As they are about to leave, I sprinted to the street. He faced his back going to the other direction.

Mister Roan, mister roan.

his face matched his gesture when he heard a familiar voice, He stiffen up and sweat for a moment

Without any sign of agreement, the client availed the special package which only suitable for the male physique.

A kick in the balls

When I called him out, I was already at the position of delivery. With all my might, even if it is from behind. I kicked the area where Roan wants to have a good thing.

Direct hit. Combo for collateral

His eyes widen and scream in pain as he dropped to the concrete.

I left the scene with a smile on my face. The heart of the job. It is to see the consequence of ones sin.


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