Monster appears where fear never lurks.

At a street of Quezon City 1A District. Pagasa


There were reports of missing women and children under a century old tree 2 blocks of a vast open area. It can be a case of normal abduction under the authorities, but a survivor reported to the town hall upon a menacing encounter.


He and his soon-to-be-fiance were off home when night arrived. The man was about to propose to her with a suprise announcement at their owned estate a street across. But as they passed through the big tree. The woman was forced dragged by an unknown force. The woman shouted for help and the man bear his strength and see to whom dragging his lover.

Up to traumatic gaze, a smelly big figure. An obese physique yet the force as strong as a bodybuilder. Off greenish and gray tone of an arm. It was a fat giant and it took the woman for itself. From fear, he let go of his lover and run off.

The sight of the suprise proposal became a hellish scream of the panicking man from what he had witness.


Authorities were dispatched at a speed to the scene. And an armoured carrier. Open and there were men with bulletproof armor and live ammo pistol up their arms. A covered figure has stepped down the street of Pagasa.

One officer took off carefully the harness and the chains from the figure. Showing a body of a teenager. around pre18.

Two men finally took the guard from his mouth.

“Another fatty case…” he spoke at local tongue.

Rifles were aimed at the man as he looks at the evening sky and feel the wind as if it was a long time.

It is because he was caged until further missions.

A-team: Baku Kloma Age: 18(human standard)
Monster A: Aswang

“This old tree was here for longer than a century”, Of course spirits begun living here. until *sniff Yuck. A bungisngis came.


Bungisngis – a monster than resembles an obese human. From the name laughter. Its feature is to laugh at passerby. Invading its territory can give u a foul ordor or badluck.


The boy got in the tree. Upon walking the structure of the tree was a dump. Smelly odor came around the place. At the center was a fatty monster hugging its victim. the girl from earlier.


Hey hey, the boy called attention

The fatty was shock upon an intruder. it took its hand off the woman. An focused on the guy at front


“Who are you, how did you entered my domain.”


“well first off, its wide open. Any being enter your domain with the right time and prescence. I just happened to know how.”

“I am tasked to take u out and possible to safe any victims”


The monster looked back at the woman it abduct. But seconds from looking away. The man got into its side and punched it in the gut.

Too shallow.

The monster smiled and hit him with its fatty hand.


HAha, your attacks won’t hurt me. My body protects me from swords and spears.

Gunshot from the head.

You think that can kill me, you imb-

The man’s attack pierced through the fatty skin.

It was anticlimatic, but he doesnt want to be in that dump anymore.

He took the woman at out of the tree.

He looked back and it was a dump dugged down.


He got out asked for a shower.



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