Back and Better Than Ever

Well let’s face it, sometimes shit happens and it occurs at the worse possible time. We were fresh off from our first year anniversary and gaining significant momentum. That momentum however, got derailed when a botched security update corrupted our image database and wiped out all the images on our server. We did our best and restored backups we had it is like going back in time trying to avoid the inevitable.

Bridging To Other Platforms

There was no choice but to shut down temporarily and re-assess our operations. We figured we also need to streamline our development and take advantage of external platforms.

That being said, we moved all the selling of our physical products to our Shopee online store which is actually the former online store of Likha Mo Publishing. In case you didn’t know, the publishing operations of Likha Mo was merged with KomikSpot September of last year.

KomikSpot - The True Home of Komiks

We have also partnered with Penlab to feature some of our select Komiks-On-Demand titles on their website, some of our notable titles have been on their site already since they have separate arrangements with these creators but this new partnership also puts us somewhat in a talent management position. We believe that being featured on Penlab can bolster physical sales and the pages where our select titles are featured links to the product page on our Shopee online store.

Notable Changes

Moving back to our platform, we are focusing exclusively on komiks this point forward. We loved our Web Novels section but it wasn’t performing as much as we expected plus there are far better platforms more catered for novelists and we’d rather recommend those instead.

We are also discontinuing our original business model of selling digital comics as well as putting a halt on our Creator Support Program in favor of something really fresh yet familiar.


To level up the game, we are introducing our in-app currency called Spots – these virtual points are granted upon signup and can also be purchased at our Spot Shop. Spots can be used in many different ways and we’ll have more on that below. Bonus spots are also rewarded to Fans and Creators who are active in our platform.

Monetization and Rewards

Our webcomics section is now divided into two components – Komiks Live, where creators publish their content independently; and KomikSpot Platinum, where an exclusive, premium line of titles can be found and is effectively our flagship monetization program for creators.

Komiks Live is a re-branding of our user-uploaded webcomics feature that we launched during the end of 2020. Creators are free to sign up for a KomikSpot account, unlock their creator dashboard (if they signed up as a fan) and start posting their webcomics right away, anytime, any place or however they want it.

Creators who are performing well however, can upgrade their status as a VIP Creator. The requirements are simple – have at least 3 episodes uploaded on your webcomic and gain at least 500 views or earn accumulate at least 10,000 Spots. Creators can also opt to purchase a VIP Upgrade Kit if they want to take the shortcut – visit this page for more information about our VIP Creators Program.

So what are the perks of VIP Creators? They can continue earning Spots but they have the privilege to cash-out once they reach a threshold. Once they cash-out, the money will be transferred to their GCash account.

KomikSpot - The True Home of Komiks

KomikSpot Platinum on the other hand, is an easy and affordable subscription service where users can use Spots to unlock chapters. All Platinum titles will be published online by KomikSpot itself and creators who wish to be part of the line up will get 80% per unlocked episode. KomikSpot Platinum effectively replaces our original digital distribution model.

Branding is Everything

We have been changing our logos quite regularly, in fact within our first year we have changed our logo 6 times and that is just about what you can expect from startups – we are always a work in progress. Whenever you thought that we are settling for a certain design, out comes a new look being pushed forward.

KomikSpot - The True Home of Komiks
Our original logo

I guess we have reached a point that we are going in long term with the “seal” design. The seal imparts reliability and authority, something we assert as the local scene’s first true self-publishing platform. We have also created several variants of this logo where one resembles a popular coffee shop just to flex how versatile we can be. Our several services also have been branded with logos derived from this design.

This is because we are focusing on how we present ourselves as a platform. KomikSpot will and always will be a platform and not a community – because what we do is create and serve communities. Our platform is represented not only by myself and my co-founder Windail, but by all comic creators and fans who utilize our platform. We strive to maintain our position as one of the game-changing, new leaders that will usher the comics scene into a more innovative future.

To end this article, I can only say that the best is yet to come. We are KomikSpot – The True Home of Komiks!

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