KomikSpot: The Komiks Network

Komiks – the Filipino term for locally published comics, have long been a part of Filipino Pop Culture. All around the world, several movies and television shows have used comics as their source material and the Philippines is no exception.

As digital trends slowly take over conventional media, it is only inevitable for our local comics scene to adapt. Today, new online platforms for Komiks have surfaced, each with its own distinct flavor and we all know that Filipinos love variety. KomikSpot was originally launched as an online store for digital Filipino komiks but it eventually added  a print-on-demand component to satisfy local comic creators and have their dreams of having a physical, printed version of their works be realized. 

Not long after, a third component of having a free, online self-publishing platform was integrated to cover all the bases of what makes the local komiks scene as it is today. This self-publishing platform is complimented by an online community structure that has all the basic social networking functions such as profiles, status updates and even group pages- providing windows of several opportunities for collaboration and discovery.

We give local comic creators a wealth of options on how they could showcase their work – whether its digital, print or online; KomikSpot is truly the place where komiks live – the Komiks network.