KomikSpot is the first true online self-publishing platform for Filipino comic creators.

Komiks – the Filipino term for comics has been an integral part of Filipino pop culture and history. It continues to thrive today as advancements in technology has made the world of komiks more accessible to everyone.

This has inspired us to come up with an idea that eventually became our brand. KomikSpot was built on this idea to create different opportunities for the komiks community.

Originally launched in July 2021 as an online store that sells digitally downloadable comics, KomikSpot has evolved into an online platform that breaks the barrier between digital and print. This provides Filipino comic creators a wealth of options on how to immortalize their work while giving their fans different ways to appreciate them. 

We are optimistic that with our efforts, we can help bring in more creators as well as more readers and fans – wherever they may be.

Press Highlights

Filipino Komiks in the Modern Times

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“…Komikspot is slowly developing a marketable digital and printing platform for komik creators and readers. There is a balance of komik convention regulars and online platform regulars in their catalog.” – Geeky by PhilStar Life

“…KomikSpot intends to help out smaller comic creators in the Philippines to reach a wider audience.” – The GeekyJuans